Friday, April 27, 2012

My Thoughts on the NFL Draft (part 2)

So, the Buffalo Bills drafted Stephon Gilmore (Cornerback) from South Carolina.  I’m happy with the pick.  I had believed that the Bills would go defensive back in the first round, so I feel a little happy that I didn’t buy into the Tackle/Wide Receiver hype that has been circulating around the web.  (I was thinking Barron or Kirkpatrick, but hey, no worries.) 

I am not concerned about Stephon’s stoic expression on draft day.  I have only seen photos, but I can see a person who is happy to be drafted, and happy to be a Bill.  Let’s see how he does on the field, and we’ll go from there. 

I am excited for the rest of the draft tonight and tomorrow.  I do like trying to guess what position the Bills will draft, as I am not good at player evaluation.  Here is my modified Draft guess for the Bills’ remaining 9 picks

Round 2: Wide Receiver
Round 3: Linebacker
Round 4: Offensive Tackle
Round 4: Defensive Back
Round 5: Quarterback
Round 5: Wide Receiver
Round 6: Guard/Center
Round 7: Offensive Tackle
Round 7: Defensive Back/Special Team Specialist

Go Bills!

-S. Dartmore

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