Monday, April 23, 2012

Anyway, here's some more of my thoughts on the Paleo Diet.  I probably should've started at the beginning, instead of at the middle, so allow me to back track for a little bit.

I was introduced to the Paleo Diet by my wife last week.  At first, I thought I would have some time to do some research and learn what the Paleo Diet entailed.  You know, google "Paleo Diet" or look it up on Wikipedia, or at least figure out how to spell the word Paleo.  (Yes, I now realize that it's spell Phonetically, but I didn't know that at the time.)  I was wrong.  Little did I realize that I had until the end of the question of "Do you want to go on the Paleo Diet?"  to make up my mind.  (By the way, the correct answer was "yes" but apparently I'm a little slow on the upswing.)

After a slighted heated discussion where I was reluctant to go on the Paleo Diet, and she was all for it, eventually we compromised.  We would start the Paleo Diet.  I was allowed one snide remark about it, though.  I chose, "Alas... poor grains, I knew you well."  As this is my blog, here are the 2nd and 3rd place comments.  "I think this diet is more restrictive than Kosher." and "Bacon, here I come!"

So, today is Day 5 of the Paleo Diet.  I'm still hungry most of the time, but I've gotten used to the noises that are coming out of stomach.  The noises are kind of like the annoying younger sibling that never goes away. I did weight myself on Day 3 and Day 4.  There was no noticeable change.  I plan on weighing myself again in a few days and see how things shape up.

My wife and I agree that we both have a sweet-tooth.  Last night was kind of rough, because we both wanted dessert.  The day before, we had a baked banana dish that was good, but we were out of bananas at this point.    Undaunted, my wife looked up Paleo Diet freindly desserts, and she found a complete blog on them.  She is excited about the Paleo Diet brownies, and she plans on making them next week.

I am more of a cold dessert person, so she found a Paleo Diet friendly Ice Cream recipe.  However, for reasons I am about to explain, I am less than thrilled.

For the record, I have a fairly strong stomach.  I am able to eat a lot of different foods with minimal impact upon my well-being (minus the "getting fat" part).  Most of my gross outs come from mental images that get planted in my mind by other people.  My wife is very good at them, by the way.  One of the mental images that I hate is the thought of eating raw eggs.  I absolutely, positively cannot stand the thought of eating raw eggs.  It's because of this gross-out that I stopped eating raw cookie dough, and I cannot watch some parts of Rocky.  So, you can imagine my discontent and displeasure when I found out that the Paleo Diet Ice Cream was coconut milk, eggs, and vanilla extract.

Bless my wife's heart for trying to find an Ice Cream recipe, but I think Ice Cream on a Paleo Diet is not meant to be.

Anyway, here I am, five days later on this diet.  I am hungry, going through detox, and I weigh exactly the same as I did five days ago.  My wife has lost about 1-2 pounds already, and she is all for this diet.  To call me reluctant would be an understatement.

- S. Dartmoore

P.S.  On the bright side, I did have a cupcake today.  It was a white cupcake with some white vanilla frosting.  This was my one "cheat" that I'm allowed every now and then.  It. was. good.

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