Monday, January 3, 2011

Arise, and Display My Thoughts!

I pretty much forgot I had this blog, but I am back now. 

I've been on the Paleo Diet for four days now. So far, the biggest compliant I have about the Paleo Diet is that I am hungry all the time. Sometimes it's a slight hunger. Sometimes it's a ravaging hunger.  Either way, it's very annoying. 

My wife says it's because we're going through a detox stage.  I wish I would've known about the detox stage before starting the Paleo Diet.  I've gone through alcohol and caffeine detoxes, but at least I could eat during those episodes.  Now it seems that no matter how much I eat, I don't feel full. 

I've started to adapt to the constant hunger feeling.  I'm doing much better today than on Friday.  Day 2 was the worst day by far.  I was tired, hungry, and I couldn't satisfy my appetite. To make matters worse, all of the snack foods I had access to were not Paleo Diet.  Oh well.